The WDCS approach is formed from 40+ years industry experience, a formula which has needed to be adapted and altered, but now has proven successful over permanent and contract recruitment across a multitude of industry sectors and from FTSE100 to small privately-owned enterprises.

As well as the fundamentals, being tenacious and honest the approach is focussed about ensuring we understand your need and if you are looking to hire a replacement or talent.  Don’t know the difference between a replacement and talent then contact us to find out more.

WDCS are not scared to ask questions and identify the issues surrounding the need for recruitment or being able to highlight and resolve any market or salary restrictions which might be obvious. 

As a client If you are looking for an agency to hand a job spec over to, be part of a lottery (3 or more suppliers) and expect CV’s then WDCS are not the agency for you.  Unless, like the recruitment industry you have identified the need for change and able to raise your hand and say our current process is not attracting the talent we hoped.

For a better understanding of the WDCS approach give us a call today and we gladly help.