WDCS started trading in 2017, created with the aim of offering clients and candidates the professionalism and honesty missing from so many agencies within recruitment.  The belief in offering a business which valued its relationship with the client more, the belief on being able to source the best candidates but also help clients with staff retention and the belief in help candidates to achieve the job of their dreams.
The world has changed and so has recruitment, the emergence of RPO’s and in-house talent teams means the traditional agency has needed to adapt, no more sending multiple CV’s hoping that one will stick or that candidates can and will be found from advert responses.  Unfortunately for many clients we speak to, this is the level of service they receive on a regular basis.
Recruitment is now about being proactive, working smarter and being more tenacious than ever before. Only by understanding the client’s business, the technology stack and culture can a recruiter really be classified as a recruitment partner.
WDCS work hard to ensure we have the best candidates in the market either on an in-house talent pool, on our CRM system, as a LinkedIn connection or on our radar.  The vast majority of which are not on job boards or one of those candidates applying for multiple roles.
In a crowded marketplace where recruiters with 2 years industry experience are considered “Senior”, it is better to choose wisely and work with small niche agencies such as WDCS that aren't KPI driven and CV slingers.
What do you prefer quality over quantity?